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Do You Know the Role of Zinc in Agriculture and Animal Husbandry?


Zinc is an excellent fertilizer and an indispensable trace element in the growth process of various crops. It is involved in the synthesis of auxin in crops, thus promoting the growth of young leaves, stems and roots.


For a variety of zinc-deficient crops, zinc oxide can improve the growth of plants and grains,  prevent micronutrient deficiency, and play an important role in the formation and development of seeds and fruits. It has been widely used in the feed of wheat, soybean, corn and other crops.


Zinc also is an essential trace element for all animals. It is found in all tissues and organs of animals. It is involved in the whole process of life and is mainly reflected in the metabolism of  proteins, lipids, carbohydrates and nucleic acids.


Zinc chloride as a high zinc source in Suckling pig feed can effectively improve the product quality. And basic zinc chloride is a neutral substance with stable chemical properties. Due to its excellent physical and chemical properties and biological titer, it can avoid malabsorption of animal nutrients and promote the growth of animals.


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