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Zinc Bis (P-Toluenesulfinate)

Zinc Bis(P-Toluenesulfinate) is the name of chemical compounds with the formula C14H14O4S2Zn. The surface is white powder, it is a kind of active agent, used for foaming agent. It also can be named ZTS/ TM.

Product Details

Zinc Bis(P-Toluenesulfinate) is a new type of alkyl aromatics sulfinic acid zinc compound. As a stabilizer , lubricants and activator. Zinc Bis(P-Toluenesulfinate) is used in synthetic rubber of PE, PVC, polypropylene nylon, ABS natural rubber, butylbenzene rubber and etc. Compared with any other stearic acid salt, ZTS has the superior UV stability, heat stability and good transparency. It's easy to scattered in plastic and rubber that could greatly reduce the temperature of decomposition when it's used with AC foaming agent together.


Formula: C14H14O4S2Zn               Molecular Weight: 375.79

EC No.: 246-181-1                           CAS No.: 24345-02-6

Form: powder

Melting point≥250
Ash contentw/%≤20-24

CoastalZinc™ Zinc Bis(P-Toluenesulfinate)

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