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Concentrated aqueous solutions of zinc chloride (more than 64% weight / weight zinc chloride in water) have dissolving starch, silk, and cellulose. Vulcanized fibre is a laminate material formed by the reaction and crosslinking of pure cellulose cotton in a zinc chloride acid bath. Vulcanized fibre is available and in tube, rod, strip, and sheets in a variety of thicknesses. It has high tensile and tear strength and both good electrical and mechanical properties.

CoastalZinc® Zinc chloride solution, playing a important foundation for vulcanized fibre used in electrical, textile and machinery industries. The swelling and dissolving effect of zinc chloride on cotton fiber makes cellulose gelatinized rapidly to make raw vulcanized fibre paper, then paper becomes as hard as steel ---Vulcanized fibre paper. At the same time, you can completely reduce the cost of recycling zinc in the process of washing. 


Vulcanized Fiber Paper