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Zinc Chloride Anhydrous 99% in Medical Supplies



Zinc chloride Pharma Grade can be used as catalyst for organic synthesis in pharmaceutical and chemical industry. As a Lewis acid, zinc chloride catalyst has moderate strength. It has the ability to catalyze the formation of Fishel indole. It also helps to convert arylhydrazone into indoles. Monoacylated components are obtained from acyl chloride and aromatic, Friedel-Cladecryl Reactions. At the same time, zinc chloride as a pharmaceutical intermediate, used in the production of vanillin, rabbit auricularia aldehyde, anti-inflammatory analgesic catalyst. In recent years, it has been widely used in the preparation of Vitamin D, Vitamin E, Anticancer and analgesic drugs. 


With the development technology of high purity pharmaceutical grade Zinc Chloride, Coastal Zinc Group has provided many top-grade catalyst and intermediate products and services to domestic and foreign pharmaceutical customers, making its own contribution to the medical and health cause.