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Zinc Bis (Benzenesulfinate)

Zinc bis(benzenesulfinate) (ZBS) is a new alkyl aromatic zinc sulfonate complex, mainly used in pesticides, plastics, rubber additives; It can be used as lubricant filler, flame retardant activator, and azodicarbonamide (AC) foaming agent, which can greatly reduce the decomposition temperature.

Product Details

Formula: (C6H5O2S)2Zn                             Molecular weight:347.74

EC No.: 246-148-1                                        CAS No.: 24308-84-7

Form: powder

Content  W/%  ≥98
Melting point  215~221
Moisture  W/%8-10
Ash content    W/%≤20~28
Grain diameter  UM3-4.5
Iron content  ppm≤5
Heavy metal   ppm≤10

CoastalZinc™ Zinc Bis(benzenesulfinate)

Packaging & Shipment:

25kg/Drum or 40kg/Drum

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