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Zinc Plating, Put on "Protective Clothing" for Your Products


Galvanizing, SolderingZinc chloride galvanizing, high current efficiency, bright coating. For the construction industry, light industry, electronics and other industries to provide excellent and effective corrosion protection. Galvanizing steel and steel structure parts can increase corrosion resistance, enhance protection and prolong service life. Whether it is steel pipe used for raw water and crude oil distribution, or household appliances often used in our life, galvanizing will protect your assets no matter what the environment. We have a wide range of zinc chloride products used in these applications and have been well received.


Coastal Zinc Group has always adhered to the production of high-quality zinc chloride, so that the electroplating process has no "worries", not only in the application of accessories and jewelry, but also more widely used in the lead frame of semiconductor and microelectronic components. We insist to the principle of customer first, provide you with professional customized services.