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Zinc Oxide

Zinc Oxide, an oxide of zinc, is also called zinc white. White powder or hexagonal crystal. It is odorless, tasteless, sand free, insoluble in water, soluble in acid and strong alkali. 

Product Details

Coastal Zinc Group is one of the main producers of indirect process of zinc oxide in China. Coastal Zinc Group always insists on using high-purity zinc metal as raw material for production, which lays a solid foundation for us to provide customers with high-purity zinc oxide in the market.

Indirect process Coastal Zinc ® Zinc oxide is widely used in: 

Rubber / Tyres: Zinc oxide as an important accelerator in the vulcanization process, zinc oxide is an essential ingredient in most rubber products with its great physical properties. 

Chemical: Zinc oxide is used in the chemical industry with its anti UV properties, and also as a catalyst to synthesize a wide range of organic chemical. 

Personal care: Contributed to zinc oxide many useful properties like UV absorption, mild antiseptic. Zinc oxide is used in a wide range of cosmetics and personal care products.

Pharmaceutical: Zinc oxide is used as an pharmaceutical ingredient. 

Coating: Zinc oxide is one of the important white coloring paint with its UV protection and mildew protection. Mainly used in steel and vessel protection.

Formula: ZnO                    Molecular Weight: 81.38

EC No.: 215-222-5              CAS No.: 1314-13-2

Form: powder

Zinc Oxide (based on ZnO)%≥99.899.799.5
Lead Oxide (based on Pb)%≤0.0020.0030.05
Oxide of Manganese (based on Mn)%≤0.00010.00010.0001
Copper Oxide (based on Cu)%≤0.00020.0002


Insoluble Matter in Hydrochloric Acid%≤0.0060.0060.008
Loss on Ignition (LOI)%≤
Screenings (45um mesh)%
Water-soluble Objects%≤
Volatile Matters at 105℃%≤
Average Size (D50)um              0.6-1.0
Surface aream²/g              4.0-5.5
Appearance  -           White powder

CoastalZinc™ Zinc Oxide

Packaging & Shipment:

·25 Kg/plastic bag

·50 Kg/metal drum

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