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Do You Know This About Zinc Chloride Solution

Jan. 04, 2021

The Zinc Chloride Solution Supplier will tell you about the role and use of zinc chloride solution and storage methods

The role of zinc chloride solution

Zinc chloride solution is very demanding in coal mines and coal washing/preparation. It is easy to use and can be used directly without adding other chemicals.

Zinc chloride solution is a transparent liquid

Zinc Chloride Solution

Zinc Chloride Solution

The use of Zinc Chloride Solution for crystal production

Zinc chloride solution is mainly used to test the quality of coal. Coal washing is used as a floating and sinking agent to separate coal seams. (That is, good coal floats on top). It is currently the best agent and method for testing coal quality. Different specific gravity separation Coal of different quality, and the zinc chloride solution produced by us before has a specific gravity of 22.0, which can separate the best quality coal. Coal mines and coal preparation plants are in great demand, easy to use, no need to add other chemicals, and use directly

Storage method of zinc chloride solution

The storage period of zinc chloride solution type I and IT products in galvanized iron drums, cardboard drums and plastic drums is 6 months, and the storage period of composite plastic woven bags is 2 months: the storage period of type II products is 2 months, all counted from the date of production.

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