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Overview of Zinc Chloride: Formula, Properties and Uses

Aug. 24, 2021

What is Zinc Chloride

Zinc chloride anhydrous is a compound with the chemical formula ZnCl2. It is an inorganic binary salt. There are nine different crystalline forms of zinc chloride known.

The zinc chloride molecular formula is ZnCl2, the zinc cation and the chloride anion, joined together by ionic bonds.


Physical properties

Here are the properties of zinc chloride. Zinc chloride is readily soluble in water and is the most soluble of the solid salts due to the formation of the ligand acid H[ZnCl2(OH)] when dissolved in water. It is soluble in methanol, ethanol, glycerol, acetone and ether, and insoluble in liquid ammonia. Highly deliquescent, can absorb moisture from the air and deliquesce. Has the property of dissolving metal oxides and cellulose. Fused zinc chloride has good electrical conductivity. A thick white smoke is generated when it is scorched.



1.Printing and textiles

About 64% of ZnCl2 in water is used to dissolve silk, cellulose and starch. It has many other uses as a flame retardant and fabric freshener. Vulcanized fibers are made by soaking paper in concentrated zinc chloride. Zinc chloride is used as a mordant for printing and dyeing materials.

Overview of Zinc Chloride: Formula, Properties and Uses

2.metallurgical flux

Zinc chloride reacts with metal oxides (MO) to form derivatives of the ideal formula MZnOCl 2. Zinc chloride is used as a flux for welding - it dissolves the passivated oxide, exposing a clean metal surface. Fluxes with ZnCl 2 as the active ingredient are sometimes referred to as "tin plating fluids".

3.Manufacture of batteries

Zinc carbon was the first widely used non-rechargeable battery. They have zinc powder in them. Their capacity was between one-fourth and one-fifth of that of alkaline batteries. Later zinc chloride batteries were an improvement on zinc carbon, with a 50% increase in capacity and higher current output capacity. There is better low temperature performance and longer shelf life, better low temperature performance.

4.Smoke bombs

The zinc chloride smoke mixture ("HC") used in smoke bombs contains zinc oxide, hexachloroethane, and granulated aluminum powder, which react when ignited to form zinc chloride, carbon, and aluminum oxide smoke, an effective smoke screen.

5. Alternative Skin Cancer Treatment

Zinc chloride has been used in alternative medicine to cause crusting, the crusting of dead tissue, in an attempt to cure skin cancer. The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) uses a variety of products containing zinc chloride and as a treatment for cancer.

6 Rubber

Zinc oxide, as the most important additive in the rubber tire industry, greatly improves the thermal conductivity of rubber, helping to dissipate heat from tires and keep us safe on the road. In addition, as a rubber reinforcing agent, active zinc oxide makes tires have good corrosion resistance, tear resistance and elastic elongation, enhancing the protection of tires, and zinc oxide additives can prevent corrosion by mold organisms or ultraviolet radiation. on rubber and extends the service life of tires.

Overview of Zinc Chloride: Formula, Properties and Uses

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